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The Basque nationalist leader, the burukide Mikel Burzako, visits Telavi to attend Salomé Zurabishvili‘s inauguration ceremony as Georgia‘ first female president

Through the Georgian Dream Party, which has elected Salomé Zurabishvili to the presidency, Georgia is going to look favourably toward NATO and the European Union. Accordingly, the European Democratic Party, of whose Political Committee the Basque National Party‘s Central Committee burukide Mikel Burzako is a member, and Georgian Dream could have a major role to play over the coming years as go-to political parties providing a bridge for European matters of significance to the country



Ortuzar receives the US ambassador to Spain, Richard Duke Buchan III, at Sabin Etxea

The US diplomat and the chairman of EAJ-PNV‘s central committee, the Euzkadi Buru Batzar (EBB), have discussed the political situation and pledged to reinforce the economic and business ties between the United States and Euskadi-The Basque Country



“Basque society is shaking the weights off its wings as it seeks the freedom to fly toward what it aspires to be”

On behalf of the Basque National Party’s delegation, Andoni Ortuzar, the chairman of EAJ-PNV’s central committee, has officially acknowledged ETA’s unilateral, effective and definitive dissolution, as ratified at the international event held in Kanbo



Dialogue for Catalonia and a general increase in pensions, the keys to EAJ-PNV’s support for the State Budgets in 2018

The Basque National Party will not support the amendments to the whole and will gain a month’s respite for the normalisation of the political situation in Catalonia after the Spanish government agreed to a substantial increase in pensions



Ortuzar at the Aberri Eguna: “Our challenge today is to protect the Basque Country‘s autonomy from potential threats in order to build on what we have already achieved”

The chairman of EAJ-PNV‘s central committee, the Euzkadi Buru Batzar (EBB), has acknowledged the country‘s favourable progress at an event held in Bilbao‘s Plaza Nueva to celebrate the Aberri Eguna [Basque National Day], but has warned against the emergence of “outdated Spanish nationalism”



Ortuzar sums up positively his trip to Mexico: “Political and economic relations are guaranteed for the future”

A meeting with Mexican alderdikides ends the visit to the country by the Chair of Euzkadi Buru Batzar and the Vice-chair of the PDE



University students from Tokyo visit Sabin Etxea to get to know the innovation policies of EAJ-PNV

A group of 14 university students from Tokyo, studying in the ambit of innovation, visited the Bilbao headquarters of EAJ-PNV, Sabin Etxea, this week to learn about the history and policies of this party in innovation. The students, who met with Mikel Burzako, burukide of Euzkadi Buru Batzar and responsible for the Exterior Action Area, were able to know at first hand this century-old party‘s democratic functioning and firm commitment to innovation.



EAJ-PNV encourages Basque people to take part in a petition appealing to the EU to protect the rights of national minorities

The burukide Ana Esther Furundarena, the MEP Izaskun Bilbao, and the president of FUEN, Loránt Vincze, call upon euskaltzaleak - Basque nationalists to add their signatures to ‘Minority SafePack‘, a European Citizens‘ Initiative in favour of true and effective linguistic diversity.



Ortuzar urges Europe to provide a “solution and accommodation” for national realities that “neither fragment it nor break it apart, but instead enrich it”

The chairman of EAJ-PNV‘s central committee, the Euzkadi Buru Batzar (EBB), and vice-president of the EDP has affirmed in Rome that these realities, such as Euskadi-The Basque Country, “neither fragment it [Europe] nor break it apart, but instead enrich it”



EAJ-PNV sends a delegation to Kurdistan to support the Kurdish people‘s right to decide their future by democratic means

Mikel Burzako, the head of the EBB‘s Department of Foreign Affairs, has travelled to the city of Erbil to attend the independence referendum



Ortuzar: “We shall be advocating a new status in which Euskadi is recognised as a nation” and establishes “bilateral relations with the state”

“A free Euskadi. That is our goal and that is our path. We shall be advocating a new status in which Euskadi is recognised as a nation, as a political subject on equal terms with a bilateral relationship with the state. Let Basques be governed by Basque institutions. And let the Basques decide on their own future.” With this reflection, Andoni Ortuzar closed his speech at the Aberri Eguna celebrations held in the Plaza Nueva square in Bilbao, before around 4000 EAJ-PNV members and sympathisers. The celebrations lasted well into the evening at the city‘s El Arenal boulevard, with a sit-down meal and subsequent procession. Basque Premier Iñigo Urkullu spoke before Mr. Ortuzar and supported the “validity of the PNV model. We must remain consistent, because we are sure that we are going in the right direction and that one day we will reach our goal: we are a nation and we shall continue advancing with more democracy and plurality towards our recognition and our freedom”, said Mr. Urkullu.



EAJ-PNV expresses satisfaction with implementation of an ETA disarmament which is “lawful, final and without giving anything in return”

The Governing council (EBB) of the EAJ-PNV expressed its satisfaction with the events of the day when ETA proceeded to disarm and effectively cease to be an armed organisation. The EBB praised the atmosphere of normality in which the events organised in Iparralde throughout the day took place, with no incidents being recorded. The central event in Bayonne was attended by Pako Arizmendi, Chair of the Ipar Buru Batzar. Arizmendi took to the stage in the Place St. André square with other political and social groups to symbolise the support of the EAJ-PNV for the work done by the “Peace Artisans”.

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