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Eusko Legebiltzarra


All parties in the Basque Parliament encourage citizens to sign an initiative for minority languages in Europe

Groups with parliamentary representation in the parliamentary chamber in Vitoria-Gasteiz approved an institutional declaration supporting the “Minority SafePack” European initiative in favour of the security of national minorities and a number of regulatory developments in the European Union that enable the promotion of minority rights, language rights and the protection of their cultures

Eusko Legebiltzarra


Iñigo Iturrate travels to Colombia to analyse the Human Rights situation and support the peace process.

The EAJ-PNV MP is part of Basque delegation that will spend a week analysing the situation of a pro-Human Rights activist who sought temporary asylum in the Basque Country after receiving death threats in his country. The mission will also meet with political and institutional representative to see what progress is being made with the peace process.

Eusko Legebiltzarra


EAJ-PNV reaffirms recognition of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic on 40th anniversary of its founding

Basque National Party representatives have travelled to the refugee camps in Tindouf to express their support for the Sahrawi people and join in the events to commemorate the anniversary.

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