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EAJ-PNV declaration to mark 25 November as International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

The UN has declared 25 November as the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”. To mark this date, we at the EAJ-PNV wish, once again, to express our firm rejection of all expressions of violence against women in all their aspects.



Ortuzar speaks in Hondarribia & advocates a Euro-region “that can contain the territories where Basque is spoken” and “develop their enormous economic, cultural and tourist-related potential”

Ortuzar stated that frontiers were “among the greatest anachronisms within the EU, an obstacle to development and growth that is all the more absurd and painful when they are raised across a single people, as is the case with the Basques”.



Andoni Ortuzar calls upon opposition parties to reconsider their approach, and asks Rajoy and ETA to listen to the Basque people

During the celebrations in honour of the festivity of St. Ignatius, the chairman of the central committee (EBB) of the Basque National Party, Andoni Ortuzar, has confirmed the current upturn in the economy thanks to “a government that is doing its bit”, while the opposition parties are “only trying to upset the applecart”.

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