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Statement by the Basque National Party on Turkey‘s military intervention in Western Kurdistan

The invasion and bombing by the Turkish army of the Kurdish region of Rojava in Syria, known as Western Kurdistan, threatens to aggravate the sacrifice that this region has already suffered

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Statement by the Basque National Party on Turkey‘s military intervention in Western Kurdistan


This offensive comes after the withdrawal of the United States, which has abandoned its key allies in the defeat of the ISIS in Syria, leaving them in a situation of maximum vulnerability to the Turkish aggressors, and deepening the tragic historic destiny of the Kurdish People. Faced with this Turkish offensive against the Kurdish militias, which is once again destabilising the entire Middle East region and leading to dozens of deaths and thousands of displaced persons, the EAJ-BNP would like to express the following statements:

1. We absolutely condemn these attacks, which violate international law with impunity, causing victims not only among militias, but also among civilians, and which are leading to mass displacements of a population already shaken after Yarabús in 2016 and Afrin in 2018, weakening the Kurdish people by occupying their territory.

2. We denounce that this barbarism, committed in the name of security in Turkey, seeks to alter the current demographic structure, relocating some two million refugees in a region such as Rojava, which has seen non-discriminatory democratic coexistence between Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen and Assyrians.

3. We warn that this illegal invasion transcends the borders of Kurdistan, and will rekindle the conflicts involving the great powers involved, in a potentially explosive and key area in global geo-strategy.

4. We propose that NATO member countries proceed with the explicit withdrawal of all of their political and logistical support for Turkey, their partner in that military organisation, and that they take all necessary measures to halt this criminal operation.

5. We encourage the international community, within the framework of the United Nations, and especially within the European Union, to urgently adopt resolutions and sanctions aimed at restoring International Law. We advocate bringing the nations involved to the negotiating table, in order to halt the offensive and agree on a consensual and realistic solution which avoids bloodshed and the aggravation of potential latent conflicts in the area. 

6. We ask that the European Union adopts all of the measures at its disposal in order to deal with the serious humanitarian crisis which is plaguing the territory of Rojava.

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