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Unemployment fell by 1,375 in the Basque Country in April to 152,561

The number of unemployed registered at the public employment services in the Basque Country fell in April by 1,375 compared to March, 0.89 %, which ranks third in the list of communities where unemployment has fallen least, and the total number of unemployed is now 152,561.

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According to data published by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, compared to April 2015, unemployment fell in the Basque Country by 14.880, i.e. it experienced an inter-annual decrease of 8.89%, above the national average of 7.43 %.

By territories, Alava is the territory in which the unemployment rate has fallen most with a drop of 276 people, which is 1.09% down compared to March and brings the number of people without employment in the province to 24,940.

By contrast, Gipuzkoa is the province in which the unemployment rate has fallen least, with a 0.61% reduction and 256 fewer unemployed persons, bringing the total number to 41,510.

In Bizkaia, 843 fewer people have signed on to the services of Lanbide, bringing the total number of unemployed persons to 86,111 (0.97% less than in March).

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