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On Basque Language Day, EAJ-PNV calls for Basque to be used daily

It highlighted those who have learned it and encouraged "the attracting of people of various origins and beliefs."

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EAJ-PNV has warned that "Basque will find it hard to advance" if it is not used in "all areas of daily life" and issued a call to try to "attract all people of different origins and beliefs" to the Basque language in order to "entrench them in our society." The EBB made a public statement on the occasion of the commemoration of International Basque Language Day, in which it stressed that "it never hurts to reflect on what has been done in its favour, as it is always beneficial when setting the challenges to be addressed in the future".

The UPV-EHU recognises the intellectual side and more facets of the father of Standard Basque on his centenary: Koldo Mitxelena

The University of the Basque Country paid tribute to Koldo Mitxelena on the centenary of his birth. There are not many gaps to cover in terms of public and academic side of this linguist, intellectual, promoter of the UPV-EHU, gudari (Basque soldier), prisoner for eight years, author of a vast amount and variety of work, etc. But yesterday those who came to Bizkaia Aretoa in Bilbao were able to fill in the gaps on the more personal side of the architect of the unification of Basque.

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