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San Sebastian 2016 ends its year as European Capital after completing the project as undertaken with Europe

San Sebastian 2016 ended its year as European Capital after completing the cultural project that the city committed to carrying out before the European authorities five years ago, when it was selected to take on the title of European Capital of Culture.

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Karel Bartak, Director of Creative Europe, the EU programme aimed at boosting the cultural and creative sectors of the continent, praised the achievement of the project, an assessment of which will be published by the Foundation in the spring, during the official ceremony passing the reins over to the new capitals, Aarhus and Paphos.

The "Culture of coexistence" project was conceived as a boost to the culture of coexistence in San Sebastian and all its surrounding territory, but also as a reference for Europe. Tens of thousands of people took part in this collective project in many ways. From the simple role of spectators at screenings or concerts, to a deeper involvement in more diverse ways: proposing and carrying out or selecting cultural projects, taking part in training in fields such as cultural inclusion or management, developing business associations and projects, or being part of the culture of coexistence.

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