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North-West Region of Cameroon-Ambazonia

According to the United Nations a massacre occurred in an attack on the village of Ngarbuh, Anglophone region of Cameroon, on 14 February left up to 22 citizens dead, including 14 children.

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North-West Region of Cameroon-Ambazonia


This carnage is the latest crisis of a conflict  that has left thousands of killings, more than 1,5 million displaced and more than 2 million people urgently in need of food and safety.

In accordance with what was approved in the Institutional declaration of the Basque Parliament in June 2019, we express the rejection of this constant violation of the

fundamental rights by using a cruel and disproportionate violence against the helpless civilian population.

We proclaim our deepest condolences to the victims as well as our solidarity and support to those close to this massacre to alleviate the terrible suffering they undergone as a result of this humanitarian tragedy.

We consider it absolutely necessary to stop the repression against the Anglophone minority in order to find a solution to this crisis.

We call on the Government of Cameroon and the armed organizations to cease hostilities in order to solve this political conflict through dialogue and negotiation in accordance with the international human rights law.

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