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Basque cyber-security centre now up and running

The Basque Cyber-Security Centre (BCSC) is “up and running” and now capable fo handling and managing cyber-security incidents affecting businesses, assured its Director Javier Diéguez in Bilbao.



Montxo Armendariz wins the Eusko Ikaskuntza award

At a ceremony in Pamplona, film director Montxo Armendariz received the Eusko Ikaskuntza-Caja Laboral award for the most outstanding lifetime of achievement in the Basque Country in the field of the humanities, culture, arts and social science. In his acceptance speech he quoted the line with which Navarre-born writer Javier Eder (himself inspired by Juan Benet) described his film-making: “describe the shepherds of your village and you will have described the world”. In other words, if a local theme is described well it takes on universal value.



Guggenheim 20th anniversary

Since its opening in 1997 the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao has generated revenues totalling €3.173 billion, i.e. 37 times the cost of its construction. Designed by Frank Gehry, the Guggenheim gave the city a desire to be seen and a discourse that envisaged culture and citizenry, and a bridge connecting them. 18th October marked 20 years since the signing of the cooperation agreement between the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and the Basque Government. That agreement has now been renewed.



Jokin Altuna wins cuatro y medio style pelota final

Finals are always special. The favourite Mikel Urrutikoetxea lost by the odd point to the challenger Altuna III. This year Amezketa-born Altuna tasted the glory that was denied him last year by Bengoetxea VI. Bizkaia has witnessed the arrival of a new champion – and that makes a good number. In a match characterised more by excitement than quality, the Gipuzkoa-born player played his shots right up to the last minute. He showed all the character that was lacking in his Bizkaia-born rival, who was a mere shadow of himself in this most decisive of



Basque First Minister rates visit to Quebec positively, saying it will serve to strengthen links on cultural, institutional and economic matters

Basque First Minister Iñigo Urkullu ended his official visit with a press debriefing at which he stressed the links between the Basque Country and Quebec. After outlining the events in which the Basque delegation took part, he highlighted the institutional meetings and new opportunities that were opening up with the CETA agreement, and also mentioned cooperation on matters of peaceful coexistence.



Europe pays tribute to Bilbao

In spite of the level of its fellow candidates, the favourable predictions concerning Bilbao were borne out and it was proclaimed European City of the Year 2018 at the Urbanism Awards 2018 in London. Mayor Juan Mari Aburto was visibly emotional as he collected the award, which he dedicated to all the people of Bilbao: “just being here was an award in itself, and it was very exciting to have this chance to tell the Academy of Urbanism in London some stories about Bilbao”.



EAJ-PNV sends a delegation to Kurdistan to support the Kurdish people‘s right to decide their future by democratic means

Mikel Burzako, the head of the EBB‘s Department of Foreign Affairs, has travelled to the city of Erbil to attend the independence referendum



The Government of Angola blocks the presence of EAJ-PNV as an observer in its presidential elections

Administrative and bureaucratic obstacles placed by the Government of Angola have stopped the EAJ-PNV spokesperson in the Senate, Jokin Bildarratz, from attending the presidential elections, the most important ones in recent times, to be held tomorrow, 23 August, in his capacity as international observer in this African nation.

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In the presence of six prime ministers, Ortuzar calls for a "more social Europe” focused on the well-being of people

The chairman of the EAJ-PNV’s central committee (EBB) and deputy leader of the European Democratic Party spoke at the summit that the European liberals and democrats held at the Egmont Palace in Brussels.

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El Lehendakari Urkullu expone a Juncker la disposición de Euskadi a participar en la construcción de la Europa del futuro "de abajo a arriba"

El Lehendakari se reúne en Bruselas con el Presidente de la Comisión Europea, Jean-Claude Juncker



Basques also have something to play in the French presidential elections on Sunday

Not only the Basques but all Europeans have something to play in the French elections this Sunday. Also in play is the type of leadership settling in Europe. And we hope that the leaders will be democratic, open and European persons. This is what Emmanuel Macron represents today against the populism and extremism of Marine Le Pen.



San Mamés stadium charms the world of rugby

Vincent Gaillard, head of the Rugby Champions Cup, says that the stadium, known as “the Cathedral”, is the main reason why Bilbao was chosen to host the 2018 finals.

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