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Ortuzar sums up positively his trip to Mexico: “Political and economic relations are guaranteed for the future”

A meeting with Mexican alderdikides ends the visit to the country by the Chair of Euzkadi Buru Batzar and the Vice-chair of the PDE



University students from Tokyo visit Sabin Etxea to get to know the innovation policies of EAJ-PNV

A group of 14 university students from Tokyo, studying in the ambit of innovation, visited the Bilbao headquarters of EAJ-PNV, Sabin Etxea, this week to learn about the history and policies of this party in innovation. The students, who met with Mikel Burzako, burukide of Euzkadi Buru Batzar and responsible for the Exterior Action Area, were able to know at first hand this century-old party‘s democratic functioning and firm commitment to innovation.

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All parties in the Basque Parliament encourage citizens to sign an initiative for minority languages in Europe

Groups with parliamentary representation in the parliamentary chamber in Vitoria-Gasteiz approved an institutional declaration supporting the “Minority SafePack” European initiative in favour of the security of national minorities and a number of regulatory developments in the European Union that enable the promotion of minority rights, language rights and the protection of their cultures

Eusko Legebiltzarra


Iñigo Iturrate travels to Colombia to analyse the Human Rights situation and support the peace process.

The EAJ-PNV MP is part of Basque delegation that will spend a week analysing the situation of a pro-Human Rights activist who sought temporary asylum in the Basque Country after receiving death threats in his country. The mission will also meet with political and institutional representative to see what progress is being made with the peace process.



EAJ-PNV encourages Basque people to take part in a petition appealing to the EU to protect the rights of national minorities

The burukide Ana Esther Furundarena, the MEP Izaskun Bilbao, and the president of FUEN, Loránt Vincze, call upon euskaltzaleak - Basque nationalists to add their signatures to ‘Minority SafePack‘, a European Citizens‘ Initiative in favour of true and effective linguistic diversity.



Ortuzar urges Europe to provide a “solution and accommodation” for national realities that “neither fragment it nor break it apart, but instead enrich it”

The chairman of EAJ-PNV‘s central committee, the Euzkadi Buru Batzar (EBB), and vice-president of the EDP has affirmed in Rome that these realities, such as Euskadi-The Basque Country, “neither fragment it [Europe] nor break it apart, but instead enrich it”



EAJ-PNV calls for European legislation to protect diversity & takes French monolingualism to Strasbourg

An appearance in the European Parliament by five communities which are suffering discrimination due to the refusal of France to comply with European standards of respect for linguistic diversity will be used by the Basque National Party (EAJ-PNV) to repeat its call for binding European legislation to guarantee the rights of speakers of non-official languages across Europe. Pako Arizmendi, Chair of the Ipar Buru Batzar, and Izaskun Bilbao Barandica, Deputy Chair of the ALDE Group and a Basque National Party MEP, presented this initiative in Bayonne.



National Assembly of Basque National Party calls rally against Article 155 and related arrests under the theme “Always with Catalonia”

The National Assembly, which is the highest authority of the Basque National Party (EAJ-PNV), has called a rally under the theme “Always with Catalonia”, consisting of ten minutes‘ silence in front of its headquarters at Sabin Etxea. This was to protest at the serious events in Catalonia in the wake of the application of Article 155 and the arrests of the Deputy First Minster and seven Regional Government Ministers, and to express solidarity with the legitimate representatives of the will of the citizens of Catalonia. The entire EBB, led by its Chair Andoni Ortuzar, accompanied the members of the National Assembly at the rally. Together with the Chair, the event was attended by Mireia Zarate, Koldo Mediavilla, Joseba Aurrekoetxea, Mikel Burzako, Kepa Aldama, Mª Eugenia Arrizabalaga, Ana Esther Furundarena and Iñaki Txueka, and by territorial chairs José Antonio Suso (ABB), Itxaso Atutxa (BBB), Joseba Egibar (GBB), Unai Hualde (NBB) and Pako Arizmendi (IBB).



Gaztelugatxe, runner-up in "Best European Film Location of the Decade"

The chapel of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Bermeo (Bizkaia) has been voted runner-up in the competition to find the Best European Film Location of the Decade, awarded by the European Film Commission Network (EFCN).



Lemóniz nuclear power plant site to be turned into shrimp farm

The site of the planned nuclear power plant in Lemoiz, Bizkaia, could be turned into a shrimp farm under plans announced by the Basque Government. The site, which never housed any nuclear fuel, is currently in ruins.



Basque Country wins fifth world Kayak Surf crown

The Basque Kayak Surf team have won their fifth world championship after a week of competition in Northern Ireland. Sources inside the team have expressed satisfaction that they continue to be “the world‘s strongest team” in the sport once again this year.



Tour de France to be decided in Iparralde

Txapela buruan eta ibili munduan. The winner of next year‘s Tour de France will ride into Paris on 29th July with the beret of a Basque champion. The previous day the decisive stage of the event will have been staged on Basque roads: the only individual time trial of the Tour, over 31 km from Senpere to Ezpeleta. The Tour is coming back to the Basque Country for the first time in 12 years, and it is doing so in style with its final stage.

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